2018-12-19Beyond Bitcoin (2nd Edition) book now on video and available in multiple languages

Sean Worthington' s Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency (2nd Edition) is being made available on YouTube as a series of videos/audiobooks read aloud by Worthington himself. The full series will be available at the CloudCoin YouTube channel.Worthington's book, meanwhile, is being translated to other languages for readers around the globe. Below is the Vietnamese version Tương Lai Của Tiền Kỹ Thuật Số.

2018-12-17Advanced Client to launch in three weeks

The new CloudCoin Advanced Client is scheduled to launch January 15. This software will go far beyond previous products for storing and transferring CloudCoins and will be the first to have a similar look and user-experience across platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, etc.). The Advanced Client 1.0 will incorporate the several new features, including Multi-fix, recover by email, a vault (to eliminate any possibility of theft), and the ability to be translated into different languages. The 2.0 version will support collectibles (Celebrium), an decentralized exchange and ATM functionality. The 3.0 version will support merchant services and game portals.

2018-12-16There are still slots available for Detection Agent pioneers--with guaranteed payments

Many people have become RAIDAtech detection agents and now own a piece of the network. The best positions are called Founding Members and they get the biggest benefits. Listen to this briefing to find out more.

2018-12-15Celebrium collectibles selling fast

The RAIDA-powered Celebrium digital collectible series has launched! Watch Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington personally sign the latest collectible offering. The celebrity and sports collectibles are a $370 billion market and Celebrium offers the world's first and only 100% counterfeit-proof digital collectibles thanks to RAIDA technology. Celebrium memorabilia items (called "memos") use the same technology as CloudCoin and Celebrium's success should boost the utility, and therefore value, of CloudCoin.

2018-12-14Recent & Upcoming events

CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington presented post-blockchain concepts to the Fortune Asia 2018 summit in Mumbai Dec. 5. CloudCoin marketing guru Adrian Niculescu has been appeared at the Blockchain Americas Summit in Miami Nov. 25-Dec 9. Worthington has several other events planned around the globe. He will be a presenter at COBRA 2019, an anti-counterfeiting and brand protection event in New Delhi Feb. 5-6. He will also address international central bankers and others at the Future of Cash event in Athens Feb. 20-21.

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