2018-06-15CloudCoin BitShares launch set for July 11

CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington has announced July 11 as the target date for CloudCoin integration into the BitShares ecosystem, timed to coincide with the FreedomFest gathering July 11-14 in Las Vegas, where CloudCoin is a diamond sponsor.Anyone will then be able to buy and sell CloudCoins using the BitShares platform.Sean is scheduled to present his Theory of Perfect Money among other CloudCoin presentations at the FreedomFest.Readers interested in attending FreedomFest can save $100 on registration by using the code CLOUDCOIN at registration.

2018-06-15Watch CloudCoin Live Episode 13 today

Don't miss today's CloudCoin Live, which will begin today at 5 pm PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT, 12:00 p.m. UTC).CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington will update everyone on CloudCoin activities and talk about create of the first trusted buyer system.Log in to CloudCoin's Facebook page to watch for the start of the broadcast.If you missed last week's broadcast, find it here. Past broadcasts and many other videos are available on both our Facebook videos page and YouTube Channel.CloudCoin videos are also now available on Roku devices and smart TVs on the AMFM247 Roku channel.Plans are underway to present CloudCoin Live in other languages at times targeted to global audiences.

2018-06-14Milestones: Growth of CloudCoin development team &

Weekly Bulletin subscribersCloudCoin's core development team now includes 20 people, including programmers, developers, designers and QC/QA teams.Our very own CloudCoin Weekly has surpassed 10,000 subscribers for the first time as well!

2018-06-13SEC vindicates CloudCoin position on Howey Test and digital currencies

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week said major digital currencies are NOT securities, clearing up many previously confusing positions on the subject and agreeing with CloudCoin's longstanding assertion that currencies are not securities and cannot be regulated as such. The SEC left open its ability to target certain cryptos and ICOs.

2018-06-12Another week, another hack

Thieves made off with $40 million after hacking a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange this week--and the price of most currencies dropped 10 percent or more due to continued fears about safety and security for blockchain transactions.CloudCoin is 100 percent unhackable. Coins can never be stolen or permanently lost.

2018-06-10Media appearances and upcoming events

CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington made another appearance on Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis this week.CloudCoin's European guru Adrian Niculescu was a keynote speaker at the 2018 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Summit in New York this week. He used the engagement as an opportunity to show how CloudCoin has overcome the many weaknesses of blockchain technology. Sean Worthington had an excellent, in-depth interview on the Break It Down Show podcast with host Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete A. Turner.

2018-06-09Watch hours of CloudCoin videos on YouTube

Check out CloudCoin's YouTube channel and subscribe to stay up-to-date on the latest videos!

2018-06-09Want to work for the CloudCoin Consortium? We're hiring!

The CloudCoin Consortium is still looking qualified Electron programmers. Click 'reply' with a resume to inquire.

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