2018-10-13CloudCoin University to launch

The Consortium is proud to announce the launch of CloudCoin University , a new series of educational videos from the team that produces CloudCoin LIVE! CloudCoin University seminars will focus on a variety of topics related to digital currency and next-generation technologies. It will also include material from Sean Worthington 's book Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency (2nd edition) and his forthcoming publication on his Theory of Perfect Money . The CloudCoin LIVE! team of Kenyata Dibiase , Josh Boelman and Coral Dixon will serve as producers. "We are very excited to expand and enrich the Consortium video content offerings," Dixon said, "The goal of CloudCoin University is to further educate our social media followers, users, subscribers and other stakeholders. We want to answer the most common questions they have." The first CloudCoin University productions should be online next week.

2018-10-12Niculescu taking roadshow to Lisbon

CloudCoin's European marketing guru Adrian Niculescu will speak before more than 3,000 attendees at the iGB Affiliate conference in Lisbon Oct. 17-20. iGB provides information, insight and analysis for the online gambling affiliate industry through events, publications and online content. Niculescu was recently a featured speaker at South Summit in Madrid, a leading innovation global platform focused on business opportunities and disruptive trends.

2018-10-11CloudCoin LIVE! returns tonight

Don't miss CloudCoin LIVE! tonight (really!). After some hiccups and postponements, CloudCoin LIVE! will return tonight. Sean Worthington will broadcast Episode 27 live Friday Oct. 12 at 5 pm Pacific Time (12 midnight UTC) to update viewers about CloudCoin activities and answer live questions. CloudCoin LIVE! producers are still working on some exciting changes for the program and they have launched CloudCoin University as an additional video channel.

2018-10-10Get a free pass to RAIDAtech sponsored event

RAIDAtech , the private venture developing new applications for Sean Worthington 's provisionally-patented RAIDA technology, is a major sponsor of the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo (ACCE) in Las Vegas Nov. 6-8. Anyone interested in attending can get a complimentary attendee badge using this link. Even if you don't attend, you can register using RAIDAtech's link--the sponsor with the most registrations will receive a bonus branding opportunity! RAIDAtech is a separate entity from the CloudCoin Consortium, although some people are involved with both. The Consortium expects RAIDAtech's success will boost the utility (and therefore value) of CloudCoin, as most applications will use CloudCoins in some way. Here's a look at the RAIDAtech advertisement that will appear in the official program book for ACCE.

2018-10-09Take the Cryptocurrency Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of digital currency and cryptocurrency? Take this quiz and find out! (Chrome browser recommended for quiz).

2018-10-08Connect with Consortium members on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to connect with and learn more about the Consortium and members like Sergiy Chernyshov, Ajith Narayanan, Serguei Gitinsky and others.

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